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Please read and note our disclaimer below before contacting our ministry for mentoring or personal ministry, thank you!


By contacting or receiving any ministry, advice or prayer from Prophetic Lighthouse you are voluntarily agreeing with this disclaimer.

I acknowledge that Prophetic Lighthouse have agreed to facilitate a meeting together to listen to Jesus and share in the prophetic. I understand that Prophetic Lighthouse are to the best of their ability, doing what they can to help me achieve a closer walk with God and to discern His will for my life and this will be in accordance with their faith beliefs and values as written in the Bible.

I understand that I have voluntarily agreed to contact Prophetic Lighthouse and that I am under no obligation to accept any of the advice or prophecy that I might hear from members of this ministry. I understand it is my responsibility to test every prophetic word, before accepting it.

I understand that Prophetic Lighthouse is a safe place to listen to Jesus together and any personal issues I have should be brought to a mentoring session with Prophetic Lighthouse, all details can be found on the web site:


I understand that if I receive ministry from Prophetic Lighthouse they are committed to respect any disclosed information, but do not offer complete confidentiality. Some information, as necessary, maybe shared with the ministry’s leadership team to help facilitate the pastoral care and our prayer for you, we will always inform you before we share anything.

If at any time during the course of mentoring specific law breaking information is disclosed by you, Prophetic Lighthouse ministry team will have the right to disclose this information to the appropriate authorities.

I understand that prophetic Lighthouse do not charge for their time and ministry but request a donation.

I agree to hold Prophetic Lighthouse free from any and all liability for loss and damage of any kind, however caused, that may rise as a result of the assistance which I have received from my involvement with the ministry.

I understand that at no time will Prophetic Lighthouse comment or proffer advice on any matter of medication or medical diagnosed condition and that all and any advice of a medical nature or condition, known or suspected, is between myself and my professional health care advisor. I wholly accept  Prophetic Lighthouse is not permitted or professionally competent to comment or become involved in any way in such matters.


By contacting Prophetic Lighthouse you are agreeing to and accepting this disclaimer and release of liability. You understand and agree with it and have approached Prophetic Lighthouse  as your free and voluntary act.

Thank you for accepting this liability release,


Rachel and Noel Alexander

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