Do you want to be a Lighthouse Keeper?

Are you called to be a Lighthouse Keeper?

We are looking for people who would like to:

* Spend time listening to Jesus

* Fulfill a vision to help others listen to Jesus

* Either as a solitary Lighthouse Keeper or to Nurture a small group of friends and grow your Christian relationship with them.

If this is you, If you have time twice a month……keep reading!


How we began:

Prophetic Lighthouse began with a small group of people and grew into  an online community but as we grew we began to have weekly Lighthouse meetings.  Opening the time together with a gathering word and prayer and then we soak in the presence of God. This soaking is facilitated through gentle intimate worship, scripture and prophetic word.


Following our Dreams

We are now wanting to share this with all those prophetic people who have wanted a group like this. We believe there are many people who have felt called to lead a small prophetic/contemplative ministry but maybe have not been sure how to facilitate it.


Your ministry is part of our community

We have recordings of our anointed Prophetic Lighthouse meeting to share with you.  Invite your friends to come along and together, use the video to spend intentional time with Jesus. Then you can all have a chat about what God has been saying or inspiring you with. Leading your Lighthouse ministry you can help people join the dots of inspiration and hear what the Lord is saying to you all.

Or, maybe you would like to be a Lighthouse Keeper on your own, using the video of our meeting to spend time alone with Jesus and nurture your own relationship with him.


Are you feeling excited?  keep reading…..


Your leadership support

Prophetic Lighthouse will offer you support as you lead a Lighthouse group. We are looking to build Lighthouses in Britain and in the rest of the world. Is God calling you to be part of this?  We are passionate to see a revival of listening to Jesus in small groups who have no other agenda but Jesus!


So, we are seeking Lighthouse Keepers to start their ministry.


To start your ministry as a Lighthouse Keeper contact us with your name, a bit about yourself and your contact details.

We suggest you run your Lighthouse ministry from your home.

If you would like to be a Lighthouse Keeper, listening to Jesus alone then you can also feel part of the community on Facebook. We have a dream to see lighthouses shining around the world.

Prophetic Lighthouse will pray for you and your Lighthouse ministry. As a Lighthouse Keeper you will be accountable to Prophetic Lighthouse for your leadership, we will cover you under our ministry. We do ask you for a monthly donation, we suggest £20. We believe that giving is part of our Godly lifestyle, so we always encourage and teach this; it also shows a commitment from you that is healthy in our relationship as you sow into becoming a lighthouse keeper.

We are waiting to welcome you

Love and Blessings

Rachel and Noel

Prophetic Lighthouse

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