Fill in your name and we need to know where you live because of the time zone. Send us your application and we will contact you to arrange a session of about an hour. To book the session we will ask you for £25 to cover the cost of our administration and time allocated personally to you.

Our mentoring is Holy Spirit led because He is your counsellor and comfort.


People usually find that this style of engagement brings life changing help from Holy Spirit. I would recommend this to everyone, whether in response to a life issue or just to grow a deeper relationship with Jesus; it is about discovering God in your situation. There is no pressure, each session is shaped to your liking and you will be respected for your views and choices. The preferred outcome is that you will find inner peace and a sense of greater purpose in your life. That you will discover the inner joy where you know "This is what I was made for."


Rachel offers prophetic companionship, to listen, discern and pray with you, encouraging you to hear what God is saying to you,with every attention to help you feel comfortable and at ease.

We do not offer you therapy or counselling but an opportunity to engage with Holy Spirit together. This does not require being a mature Christian or any sense of achievement, in fact just being you is God's preferred outcome.

One to one at an arranged venue in Norfolk or using FaceTime or Skype


Rachel is an ordained Anglican priest and has many years experience as a spiritual mentor. This means helping you find God's leading for your life. Rachel's approach is gentle. The love of God is the resource that breaks through anxiety or fear and sets us free to know we are his children. Rachel has been moving in prophetic ministry for 30 years and is passionate about helping Christians live in close relationship with Jesus

"Dear Rev. Rachel,

Your Ministry has impacted my life tremendously. I have seen fruits of righteousness and have l have seen the Word working in my life in a powerful way.


When I in dire need you stood with me and went through it with me. 

Oh, I am so thankful to you. It’s so wonderful.

I thank God for your Ministry.


It is hard to put into words how important yesterday's prayer time was. Since then I have felt quite different - hopeful, trusting and confident in God's love for me.

I cannot begin to explain how great a privilege it is to have the honour to give to your Ministry. It’s a great delight!


Noel is a key-worker and mentor for those who experience addiction and want to be free. Noel will work with you through this and with the associated life issues. Noel also has significant experience in the business world, mentoring people back into work.

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