It is hard to put into word's how important yesterday's prayer time with you was. Some of the issues we prayed through I have struggled with since childhood. Since yesterday I have felt quite different- hopeful, trusting and confident in God's love for me. Praise God! I am so grateful and thankful to you for helping me and that the Holy Spirit moved both in power and wonderful peace.

Thank you, very much for both of these encouraging words. I will hold onto them and pray that they will be outworked into my present and future as the promises that God is looking to reveal through my life.

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I wanted to thank you both again for your time and very gentle, yet powerful ministry this morning. God really used you both wonderfully to confirm several prophecies and to reignite a dwindling flame within me! I really, really appreciate the extensive time you gave me today, it was totally worthwhile and so God ordained, right down to the timing.  

I first felt the love and goodness of you both when you visited Thorpe Acre to finally make your decision to come. I am so glad you did as you both worked wonders. Beautiful people, beautiful family, spreading THE WORD, love and hope. God bless you. xxx

Thanks for the meeting this morning. Noel and yourself are such gifted enablers who enable people to connect so completely with Jesus, and that includes me. Both of you have been graced with something very special indeed, I felt it from the moment i met you and the Lord is at work through you both at Lighthouse, no doubt in my mind or heart. having a difficult time at the moment but when I was at Lighthouse this morning I felt so cherished by our Lord and spiritually massaged, the presence of Holy Spirit was so strong and so comforting. Thank you!

When I in dire need you stood with me and went through it with me. 

Oh, I am so thankful to you. It’s so wonderful.

I thank God for your Ministry.


"Dear Rev. Rachel,

I cannot begin to explain how great a privilege it is to have the honour to give to your Ministry. It’s a great delight.


"Thank you so much for our meeting. I have rejoiced and celebrated every day since then, loving sitting at the banque table with Jesus. Thank you for helping me listen, thank you for participating in that journey."

I want to thank both you and Noel for Lighthouse this morning, it was very intense and meaningful for me today, at one point overpoweringly so. Since l have felt an incredible peace inside. See you next week.

Your Ministry has impacted my life tremendously. I have seen fruits of righteousness and l have seen the Word working in my life in a powerful way.


Rachel came into my life a few years ago and has helped me so much to believe that I am able to hear from God personally. She has such a gift for helping people feel special and bringing out the best in them. I would highly recommend Rachel's ministry to everyone."

Mrs B

It is hard to put into words how important yesterday's prayer time was. Since then I have felt quite different - hopeful, trusting and confident in God's love for me.

Wanted to let you know my head-ache went away and also the soupy fog, irritability and exhaustion that I was experiencing the last month or so totally cleared. I am just amazed at how light and energetic I feel.

I just want to say thank you for the session yesterday. After speaking to you I felt so fear-free, and when I went to the evening service at my church afterwards I was able to worship in a way I hadn't before, I felt free, I've never felt that way before.

Thank you for being someone I can talk to and open up to. I admire your relationship with God and how he leads you.

Our friends both commented on the change in me since having the prayer mentor sessions and coming to Lighthouse - and they obviously meant this as a positive!!!"

Mrs. T

What a great meeting we had this morning — God is certainly with us!

Given how amazing and well received your seminars and prophetic appointments were received last year, by both teams and delegates, I was wondering if you'd like to come back and do some more for us?

You have been God's instrument to help me Rachel, I am very grateful. You have a huge heart for God and people and you you opened your heart to me. You've helped me in ways you probably don't realise.

Thank you Rachel and Team. Your prophetic gifts are amazing and it is like dew to the earth. The Lord has great things in store for us and others in the days to come. 

Thank you so much for the prophetic words. They are just so powerful. Before I opened the email, I prayed for to God to show me as well as make me understand what is being said into mine and my husband's life. Both Prophetic messages are going to be prayed over. We are going to seek more clarity. 


May God bless you and your team abundantly.

Thanks so much to you and your team for spending time to pray for me and the words I've received. I'm very grateful for your labour of love!

Much appreciated!

Thank your team for the words. Very powerful and deep. It is another piece of the puzzle. I will pray for more discernment and revelation.

God Bless.

It gives me great pleasure to write you. I am so grateful for the enormous support you have given me. It’s a great blessing to have you in my life.............................................

This would not have been possible without you.  

Thank you so much.


All Glory be to God thru Christ Jesus.

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